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As society transforms, we all have opportunities to participate and act in a more conscious and healthy lifestyle. There are studies and information that confirm what our intuition has been telling us all along, Earth Medicine and natural, conscious action is the sustainable solution for both physical and mental health.

Make an appointment with one of our Health and Wellness Coaches.
We will guide you in the natural direction to find sustainable, healthy solutions moving forward. Our goal is to present a guide for our clients to have the body and mind reach its natural state of homeostatic balance.  


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We are a full service homeopathic health platform coaching clients on Nutrition, Sleep, Hydration, Exercise, Natural Earth Medicines, Daily/Weekly Activities, Inspiration, and Self Worth. Our team will help clients formulate a plan of action moving forward to incorporate in everyday lifestyle. Raising The Quality of Life for our clients naturally is our goal. 

Our Mission

To provide a compassionate and professional service, enhancing human health and wellness by empowering every individual in their overall wellness journey. Naturopathic experts will guide and empower every individual to discover and experience optimal wellness with guidance through evidence-based energetic and natural methods.

Guidance from an Experienced Health Coach

Natural Earth Medicines
Daily and Weekly Activities

Iowa Medical Cannabis Certification Requirements

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Services & Pricing Package Tiers

Tier 1


-- Single 30 minute coaching and individualized goal setting session



Tier 2


-- Two 30 minute coaching and individualized goal setting sessions, follow-up on goals


Tier 3


-- Two 30 minute coaching and individualized goal setting sessions
-- Four weekly email follow-ups empowering goal progression 

Tier 4


-- Teir 2 offerings

-- 45 minute Nutrition Coach consultation



Tier 5


-- Teir 2 and 3 offerings
-- 45 minute Nutrition
Coach follow-up w/nutrition goal progress tracking

Tier 6


-- Four weekly coaching and individualized goal setting sessions

-- Four Nutrition Coach goal setting/monitoring sessions

Tier 7


-- Two (couple/partner) package
-- Includes two Tier 6 individualized packages

Custom Consultation Package

Build your own individualized consulting package
--Price tiers vary--

Services & Prices

Contact Us

Health and Wellness Consultations
(720) 476-0132



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